Replacement AR15/M16 Iron Sights, Mounts, Rings, Accessories

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The A.R.M.S.™ Stand Alone Flip-up sight

This sight utilizes the same well proven concept as the rear sight on the SWAN® Sleeve system. The unique design of the spring loaded rear sight, ensures constant battery action and repeat zero. The sight is held in the locked down position by a quick release lever, that prevents the sight from being accidentally engaged, but is as fast as a trigger to release even with arctic mittens. The initial elevation zero utilizes the standard M16/M4 front sight bead. When the sight is released into battery the 250-300 meter aperture is ready for immediate close combat use. For longer ranges the leaf sight aperture is rotated to access the 500-600capability with the built in horizon line feature that helps lead distant targets and lets the shooter square the rifle to counter windage offsets, if the rifle is inadvertently tilted. Other type rear iron fold-down sights require the shooter to push it into position, which means they can be accidentally knocked down at the worst time. The A.R.M.S. spring loaded flip-up sights never let you down, because they're designed to always be there even when going through brush or being dropped.
MSRP $95.00 to $109.00



A.R.M.S.® #02™ Extended M16A1A2/AR-10 6.5" Scope Mt

Mount for the AR-10 Rifle's carry handle. Will Also work with AR15/M16
This is a longer version of our widely used #02™ carry handle mount. It measures 6.5" long and attaches via a unique self-locking thumbnut that fits snugly in the hole in the carry handle for continuous zero hold. The #02™ extended carry handle mount features a wide angle TV shaped see-thru channel for use with iron sights.
Weight: 3 oz
Item: #02™ Ext
MSRP $64.95

A.R.M.S.® #02™ M16 Scope Mount

The finest scope mount designed for the M16A1/A2 rifle. This mount features the A.R.M.S.®/SWAN ® Universal mounting platform, accepting NATO STANAG and Weaver type scopes and rings. It attaches via a unique self-locking thumbnut that fits snugly in the hole in the carry handle for continuous zero hold. The #02™ carry handle mount features a wide angle TV shaped see-thru channel for use with iron sights.
Also fits detachable carry handle models.
Weight - 2.6 oz
Length: Approx. 5"
Item: 02™
MSRP $59.95

A.R.M.S.® #05™ Mount

One of the most versatile mounts on the market. Made of extruded aluminum with a Mil-spec black hardcoat.
The #5 Multibase is a Quick detachable, multiple eye relief mounting base that attaches to weaver type rail and flat-top receivers. The multibase is compatible with both weaver style rings and NATO STANAG mounts. It raises your sight platform 3/4" and features a spring loaded clamping bar and self locking captivated thumbnuts for solid, zero movement mounting to your existing rail. The #5™ multibase also features a see through channel for use with iron sights.
Weight - 5.2 oz
Length: Approx. 5"
Height: Approx. 3/4"
Item: 05™
MSRP $59.95

A.R.M.S.® #06™ II Adaptor

A.R.M.S.® #6™ II Adaptor converts NATO STANAG mounts to A.R.M.S.®/SWAN®(aka Mil-Std. 1913 rails. Mil-spec hard coat finish.
For additional eye relief considerations, the rail provides two positions of fastening, via two securing screws (included), which allows the rail to extend to the rear or front.
Length: Approx. 6"
Item: 06™
MSRP $49.00

A.R.M.S.® #07™

Converts Nato STANAG Scopes to Weaver type rail. The #7™ is a Quick detachable, multiple eye relief mounting base for optics using the NATO/STANAG mounting system. It features a spring loaded clamping bar and self locking captivated thumbnuts for solid, zero movement mounting to your existing rail. The #7™ base allows you to mount Nato STANAG scopes to weaver type rails and flat-top receivers.
weight - 4 oz
Length: Approx. 5.5"
Item: 07™
MSRP $48.95

A.R.M.S.® #10™ ACOG® multi-position channel mount

#10™ Multi-position channel mount.
For the Trijicon ACOG® scope with self-locking thumbnuts, and fits all Mil-Spec/Weaver dovetail A.R.M.S.® rails.
Length: Approx. 3.75"
Item: 10™
MSRP $64.95

A.R.M.S.® #11™ Aquila STANAG Adapter

Fits the Aquila and Raptor N.V. optics.
A.R.M.S.® developed the #11™ Adapter at the same time it developed the housing interface used on the Aquila and Raptor N.V. optics. It fastens to the A.R.M.S.® #2™, #5™, #7™ , and #19™ mounting brackets.
Item: 11™
MSRP $125.00

A.R.M.S.® #12™ CQ/T Mount

CQ/T Mount for use with Leupold CQ/T Scope. The #12™ is engineered to provide the optimum combination of the A.R.M.S.® repeat zero Q.D. Throw Levers® with the New Leupold CQ/T Scope. Multi-fastened CQ/T optic. The fast action of the optic is enhanced by the quick on/off of the Mil-Spec Throw Levers®, and provides a rugged no nonsense system of the future.
Weight: 3.4oz
Length: Approx. 4.25"
Item: 12™
MSRP $135.00

A.R.M.S.® #15™ Trijicon Reflex Sight Mount

A.R.M.S. has succeeded in developing an ultra low profile mounting platform for the Trijicon ® reflex sight. The combination of the A.R.M.S.® repeat zero and patented Throw Lever® system and the reflex sight provide the shooter with built in streamline appearance, function and superb fast action accuracy.
The #15™ platform is attached to the bottom of the sight by 3 screws that are supplied with the platform, and provides 2 positive locking Throw Levers® with A.R.M.S.® patented no-mar buffer pads, no gunsmithing required. The #15™ Reflex mount platform meets or exceeds all mil-spec requirements just like all other A.R.M.S.® standard mil-spec products.
Weight: 3.3oz
Length: Approx. 4.2"
Height: Approx. .25"
* When mounting directly to flat-top receiver you will need to use the #15 Spacer to achieve proper height.
Item: 15™
MSRP $120.00

A.R.M.S.® #16™A Aimpoint Comp Mt

Short carry handle mount for Aimpoint Comp. Optic.
Has iron sight see-thru. Fits A1, A2 and detachable carry handles.
Item: #16™A
MSRP $73.00

A.R.M.S.® #16™T Trijicon® Tri-Power Mt

Short carry handle mount for Trijicon® Tri-Power Optic.
Fits in the carry handle of the M16A1 and M16A2, and has iron sight see thru.
Item: #16™T
MSRP $73.00

A.R.M.S.® #17™ Single Lever Tri-Lock Mount

The Single Lever Tri-Lock mount was Developed by A.R.M.S.® for small pocket scopes and laser attachments for super compactness.
Two (2) solid attachment feet on the right side are firmly held in place with the A.R.M.S.® steel locking foot and lever on the left side. Standard STANAG width channel, allows secure laser or N.V. optic attach-ment at two points. Repeat Zero Hold with easy on and off.
Weight: 1.6oz
Length: Approx 2.25"
Item: 17™
MSRP $69.00

A.R.M.S.® #17™DL Dual Throw Lever® Mount for Surefire® Flashlight M900 Series

Dual Throw Lever® Mount attaches to the Surefire® Flashlight M900 series.
The dual Throw Lever® mount
for the Surefire® Flashlight M900 series to attach to a Mil-Spec 1913 rail, providing a more secure mounting option than a single Throw Lever®.
Item: A.R.M.S.® #17™DL Mount
MSRP $76.95

A.R.M.S.® #17™DR Throw Lever® Dovetail Rail Mount

2 5/16" Long, Dovetail Rail
Features an integral Mil-Std 1913 Rail and Throw Lever® mounting attachment.
Item: #17™DR
MSRP $79.00

A.R.M.S.® #17™PEQ2-3 Throw Lever Mt

Allows for mounting the PEQ2-3 laser to A.R.M.S.®/SWAN®(aka Mil-Std. 1913) rails.
Features a PEQ-2 attachment on a single Throw Lever Mount.
2 5/16" Long
Item: #17™PEQ-2
MSRP $79.00

A.R.M.S.® #17™S Throw Lever Mt

Short Single Throw Lever® Mt.
The #17™S has the same mounting platform as the #17™, only shorter.
Item: 17™S
MSRP $66.00

A.R.M.S.® #18™ M21/14 Scope Mount

Since its introduction to the marketplace in 1989, this foundation has maintained its reputation as being the best mounting systems for the M21/14 Rifle. The A.R.M.S.® #18™ offers interchangeability of Day & Night Vision, with an ultra low profile and the A.R.M.S.®/SWAN ® aka Mil-Std. 1913 Rail.
Made of 8620 case hardened steel. Precision fit to the base integral with the receiver. Two attaching points plus a third contact point for ultimate stability.
Item: 18™
MSRP $174.00

A.R.M.S.® #19™ Throw Lever® Mt
  NSN 1005-01-469-7050

Aluminum base secured by steel free and levers with A.R.M.S. no-mar patented Buffer Pads. Interfaces to M16A1A2 and M4, provides universal platform, NATO STANAG and Weaver type standards combined for many day and night vision optics and lasers.
Item: #19™
MSRP $150.00

A.R.M.S.® #19™acog Throw Lever® Mount

The A.R.M.S.® #19™acog Throw Lever® Mount for ACOG® scopes features most of the design of the #19™A, with the addition of the ACOG® channel. This mount provides the ACOG® scope three positions of added relief to select from. NSN 5340-01-462-0476
The aluminum base is secured by A.R.M.S.® steel locking feet and levers and the no-mar patented buffer pads. Fits all Mil-Std Dovetail A.R.M.S.® Rails.
Item: 19™ACOG
MSRP $160.00

A.R.M.S.® #19™LD ACOG Low Dual Throw Lever® Mount

New A.R.M.S.® Low Dual Throw Lever® mount for Trijicon ACOG. This new quick detach mount raises the acog by only approx. 3/16" off the top of your rail. The mount is approx. 3 3/4" long to use up as little rail space as possible.
Weight: 2.9oz
Item: #19™LD ACOG
MSRP $135.00