Shotgun Gear

Shotshell Sling: The BlackHawk Shot Shell sling is fully adjustable and holds 15 extra shells which attaches to standard sling swivels with Fastex® spring hooks, it is made of heavy duty two inch nylon and elastic to hold the shells secure.

43SS15BK (black) Shotshell sling

Pro Shooters Forearm Shot Shell Holder

This forearm holder was designed by team BlackHawk for quick and efficient reloads of their shotguns. Holds eight (8) shotshells in 1 inch elestic retainers. The three velcro secured elastic straps let you position the holder where you need for comfort and speed.

80FS00BK (black) Pro-Shooters Forearm Shot Shell Holder

Shotgun Shell Pouch-Box: This Unique pouch is for the active shooter doing numerous missions. It is designed so that no rounds will fall out even under extreme conditions such as running, climbing, swimming, etc. It has an elastic layer system which holds 25 rounds secure in the pouch until your fingers break through the elastic layers to extract the shells.

52SGOOBK Shotgun Shell Pouch-Box