Carry Bags/Cases

Emergency Medical Roll: The Emergency Med. Roll is a great BAS to fully carry all medical supplies to treat any wound. It has 15 various size, quick view clear pouches. It rolls up into a convenient roll. Secures by Hook & Loop and side release buckles and has fully wraparound heavy duty carry handles. (Medic supplies not included)

20EMR1BK Emergency Medical Roll Black

Rope Deployment Carry Bag: The RDCB is designed with an internal loop at one end to tie the rope and the other end has a slit opened and closed by Velcro® to feed the bitter end. This allows quick rope deployment. Both outer sides have Alice clip webbing for attaching to your belt, vest, back pack or carrying extra gear. Each end has D-rings to attach our optional shoulder strap (70SS00PGXX).Great for a throw or drop bag. Rope not included.

20RB00BK (black) Rope Deployment Bag

BlackHawk Pro Training Bag: The BlackHawk Pro Training Bag is made of 1000 denier Cordura® nylon and 3/8 closed cell foam: detachable padded bottom insert. Top opening provides ready access to main compartment. The locker room end pouch has additional storage for extra items like soap, deodorant, towel, razor.. etc.

20SP00BK (black) Blackhawk Pro Training Bag

20SP00BU (burgundy) Blackhawk Pro Training Bag

20SP00HG (hunter green) Blackhawk Pro Training Bag

20SP00NA (navy blue) Blackhawk Pro Training Bag

Diver's Travel Bag: Our Diver's travel bag is an outstanding multi-use bag with superior workmanship. It features concealable padded back pack straps, separate fin pockets and padded outside equipment pockets. The bag opens completely for easy organization and packing.

21DT00BK (black) Diver's Travel Bag

Sports Wet Gear Pac/Bag: This Sports Wet Gear Pac/Bag is a must have for all. It is Ideal to carry wet gear including wet-suits, clothing and footwear.

21DW00BK (Black) Sports Wet Gear Pac/Bag



Executive Attaché Case: The BlackHawk Executive Attaché is designed to carry duty or personal protection without attracting notice. Exterior pockets allow you reach material without opening or closing the main compartment. The main compartment area is full featured with pockets ready to accept everything needed for an office away from the office. Included detachable divider that has a Velcro® loop to hold optional modular pouches on one side and has a laptop pouch on the other side that may also be used to hold more pouches.

61AC02BK (black) Executive Attaché Case

61AC02BU (burgundy) Executive Attaché Case

61AC02HG (hunter green) Executive Attaché Case

61AC02NA (navy blue) Executive Attaché Case

Attaché Case Law Enforcement Accessory Pouch Kit

61ACBP Beeper pouch

61ACCP Cuff Pouch

61ACMA Mace Pouch

61ACLP Flashlight Pouch

61ACMP Magazine/light pouch

61ACRP Radio Pouch

61ACPH Cellphone pouch

61KTLEBK Law Enforcement Attache' Kit (all above pouches)

Other available pouches

61ACPP Power Pack/Walkman
61ACDP Diskette Pouch
61ACUP Utility Pouch
61ACCD C D pouch
61ACLC Laptop Computer Pouch


Rifle Case: If you need a top quality protective case for your prized possessions then the BlackHawk Rifle cases are for you. They are constructed with 100 denier Cordura® nylon which is abrasion and mildew resistant. Our padding is 3/8 closed cell foam which takes the shock and will not absorb moisture or water.

64RC29BK (black) Rifle Case 29x2.5x11.5

64RC34BK (black) Rifle Case 34x2.5x11.5

64RC37BK (black) Rifle Case 37x2.5x11.5

64RC41BK (black) Rifle Case 41x2.5x11.5

64RC46BK (black) Rifle Case 46x2.5x11.5

Scoped Rifle Case: The BlackHawk Scoped Rifle cases are made to the same quality construction as the rifle cases except we have changed the mag pouches to a zippered compartment.

64RC44BK (black) Scoped Rifle Case 44x2.5x10

64RC46BK (black) Scoped Rifle Case 46x2.5x10

64RC51BK (black) Scoped Rifle Case 51x2.5x10

Discreet Weapons Carry Case: These cases are designed for operators who need as little extra concealment and a lot less attention paid to their presence. They are made of 1000 denier Cordura® nylon for extreme durability and packed with 3/8 closed cell foam padding which will not absorb water and dissipates shock. Black.

65DC16BK MP-5K 16x2.5x10.5

65DC22BK MP-5 22x2.5x10.5

65DC26BK MP-5SD 26x2.5x10.5

65DC31BK HK-94 31x2.5x10.5

65DC32BK CAR-15 32x2.5x10.5

65DC35BK M1 Garand ES 35x2.5x10.5

65DC40BK CAR15/M16 40x2.5x10.5

Weapon Trasport Case 41 inch

The WTC is designed to carry multiple weapons to include you rifle, pistol and shotgun and any variation of other weapons. It is made of 1000 denier Cordura® and 3/8 closed cell foam. Internally is a padded removable divider for "side by side" weapon storage. The outside zipper pocket is fully padded with a universal holster for any size pistol and accessories. Includes a Hawk Tex shoulder pad and strap. Great for carrying pistol, rifle, shotgun and SMG with accessroies.

66WT00BK (black) Weapon Trasport Case

BH66WT00D (olive drab) Weapon Trasport Case


Padded Weapons Case/Shooting mat:  Carry your weapons secure and protected with BlackHawk's padded weapons case. It is constructed with closed cell foam and 1000 denier Cordura nylon. Internally is a padded divider to carry more than one weapon side by side. The outside has a zippered pouch (padded) and a pouch secured by Velcro for any miscellaneous items. All compartments closed by #9 YKK zipper and sliders with our HawkTabs.

61PW00BK Padded Weapons Case 360 Padding 38" Black

61PW01BK Padded Weapons Case 360 Padding 44" Black


BlackHawk's 5-5-10 Urban Carry Case/ Weapon Fanny Pack delivers performance by being able to open the case, draw the weapon and shoot 5 rounds in under 5 seconds at 10 yards. This is the fastest drawing weapon fanny pack on the market! BlackHawk dubbed this the Urban Carry Case because the holster design allows you to substitute batons, flashlights, cell phones or a similar item in place of your pistol. The 5-5-10 U.C.C. is fully ambidextrous. The main compartment is a super fast and efficient zippered breakaway pocket. The holster wraps around your pistol (or other gadget) providing safe trigger protection. The retention of the holster is fully adjustable.Special Features: Made of Nytaneon material, extra beefy #9 YKK zippers and HakTab zipper silencers, available in all colors, and able to velcro retro fit identification patches. Dimensions: Small Fits most small frame revolvers and autos such as Glock 19,etc.. (7.5 x 5 x 1.75") Medium Fits most medium frame revolvers and autos such as Sig 226,etc.. (8.25 X 5.5 x 1.75) Large fits most large frame autos such as Baretta 92F (9 x 6.5 x 1.75)

60WF03BK* 5-5-10 Urban Carry Black-LG
60WF02BK* 5-5-10 Urban Carry Black-Med
60WF01BK 5-5-10 Urban Carry Black-Small
60WF03BU 5-5-10 Urban Carry Burgundy-LG
60WF02BU 5-5-10 Urban Carry Burgundy-Med
60WF01BU 5-5-10 Urban Carry Burgundy-Small
60WF03HG 5-5-10 Urban Carry Hunter Green-LG
60WF02HG 5-5-10 Urban Carry Hunter Green-Med
60WF01HG 5-5-10 Urban Carry Hunter Green-Small
60WF02NA 5-5-10 Urban Carry Navy Blue -Med
60WF01NA 5-5-10 Urban Carry Navy Blue -Small
60WF03NA 5-5-10 Urban Carry Navy Blue-LG