Slings & Stock Mag pouches

Quick Release Modular Sling

The Modular Sling was designed for applications where a conventional sling may interfere with personal equipment, in particular Maritime Operations. It acts as a Single Point sling that attaches to a vest rather than having a sling that goes around the user and equipment. The sling platform (3"W x 4"H) mounts to any MOLLE/Pals platform with two small MALICE Clips. The modular webbing opposite of the MALICE Clips can still be used for mounting pouches and does not take away from the modular 'real-estate'. The sling is stiched to the modular platform and features a 1.5" Fastex buckle that is attached to a Snap Hook adapter. Available in Black and Tan.

Price: $30.00

Quick Release Tac-Sling

The Quick Release Tac-Sling is a hybrid design of various sling designs I encountered while in the Army. We have adapted it to fit many weapons, but the overall function is still the same. The sling keeps your weapon close to the body while giving the user hands-free mobility, but allowing one to grab the rifle and get sights on the target or transition to your sidearm in a split second. Unlike other slings, ours has a quick release feature enabling the user to get out of the sling quickly, and if necessary, drop the rifle to go to a hands-on situation. The sling is constructed of a special type of 1 1/2" nylon webbing that has a soft feel so it does not chafe. We also use a special buckle to attach the sling to the rifle for more secure mounting.The Quick Release Tac-Sling is available in for the following weapons: CAR-15 (collapsible stock), M-4 (collapsible stock), AR-15/M-16 (fixed stock), Shotgun (all fixed stock models), FN FAL, HK, and M203 Rifles. Available in Black.

Price: $27.50 - $37.50

Urban Ops Single Point Sling

Our Urban Ops Sling is a single point sling that was designed to be used in a CQB Environment. This sling allows the user to easily transition from left to right shoulder or to pie a corner. It works especially well when getting in and out of a vehicle. There are two quick release buckles that allow the user to detach the weapon while keeping the sling around the body. This sling will work on nearly any weapon and requires no special hardware. When correctly installed, it will not interfere with most charging handles, collapsible stocks, or safeties. Not recommended for AR-15s with standard A2 stocks. Available in Black.

Price: $22.50

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Urban Ops Snap Hook Adapter

This adapter is an upgrade for the Urban Ops Sling. It features a covered snap hook that will work with most CAR15/M4 receiver sling attachments. The adapter shortens the distance between the Urban Ops Sling and the weapon. It requires no adjustments or modifications to the Urban Ops Sling. Available in Black.

Price: $7.50

Stock Mag Pouch

Our Stock Mag Pouches ensure that whenever you have your weapon, you also have extra ammo. Our mag pouch attaches to the stock side of the firearm and will hold an extra mag or seven shotgun shells. The mag is held in place with a Velcro snap closure for security when transporting, and speed when removing. The mag pouches have an adjustable flap so the pouch can be sized to fit a twenty or thirty round mag. The pouch does not interfere with the collapsing stock of the CAR-15 and they can be used with our Tac-Slings. The stock mag pouches are constructed from 1000 denier Cordura nylon and heavy duty webbing.  Available in black.

Price: $26.50

Stock Shotgun Shell Holder

Our Stock Shotgun Shell Holder ensures that whenever you have your weapon, you also have extra ammo. The shell holder attaches to the stock side of the firearm and will hold seven shotgun shells. The Shotgun Shell Holder Will also work with our Tac-Sling installed. Available in black only.
Price $26.50