40mm Belt

This belt will securely hold 12 rounds of ANY 40mm ammunition. The belt has 12 loops for rounds, it will hold HE, DP, Shotshell, Lum or TP rounds. The belt can be worn around the waist or slung over the shoulder. It is available in black only, one size fits all.

Price: $31.00

Duty Belt

Our Duty Belt is a rugged, multi-purpose belt that is well suited to carry a holster, cuff case, or mace pouch. This belt is constructed out of 2 layers of 2" nylon scuba webbing for durability and rigidity. It is adjustable on both ends for fast and secure placement, and is lined with a 1" velcro loop. The small and extra-large Duty Belts are available in Black only. The medium and large Duty Belts are available in Black, OD, or Tan (limited sizes in OD and Tan).
Sizes: S (27" - 31"), M (32" - 37"), L (38" - 43"), XL (44" - 49")

Price: $21.00 - 25.00

Modular Padded Belt

The belt is 3" wide and 3/8" thick padded with closed cell foam for comfort. A dual adjust quick release buckle allows for fast and secure attachments. The belt has attachment webbing so any of our pouches can be attached using our new Malice Clip attachment system. Available in OD, Black, or Tan.
Available Colors:

Price: $29.00 - $31.00

Riggers Belt

Our Rigger's Belt is made with heavy duty Mil-Spec webbing and parachute grade buckles. It is two layers thick, so it is more rigid than other belts on the market. The running end has velcro to lock it down to the belt and keep it from flapping around. The belt will fit through military issue BDU's and most other standard belt loops. The Rigger's Belt works well when used in conjunction with a holster and mag pouch. Rigger's Belt are 1.75" wide and available in Black or Tan (limited sizes in Tan).
Available Colors:

Price: $30.00 - 34.00

21rd Shotgun Belt

Our Shotgun Belt allows you to carry 21 rounds of shotgun ammo at the ready. Rounds are held securely by elastic loops. The belt can be worn around the waist or across the body. Available in black only.
Price $28.50