Neat MP5 Stuff

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Eotech Sight

Model 500

Model 502.A65/1 standard model with 60 moa circle and 1 moa dot. $249.00

Model 510 - tactical model (available with either reticle)

511.A65/1 60 moa circle and 1 moa dot reticle $299.00
511.D1 1 moa dot reticle $299.00
512.A65 60 moa circle and 1 moa dot reticle. Uses AA batteries $349.00
511.NL SAGE Non Lethal reticle $299.00

Model 550 military model - All models come NVG compatible and with a 60 moa circle and 1 moa dot reticle

551.A65/1 N battery powered $349.00
552.A65/1 AA battery model $399.00





ODSPEC Tactical Sling

This, at the ready system, greatly reduces fatigue, allow a heavier combat load, and leaves the hands free to carry essential material. It fits all MP5's. This highly versatile sling allows horizontal carry, vertical carry, side mount carry and a quickly adjustable loop for tensioned precision shooting. Designed by Ken Hackathorn this is the most popular sling in use world wide by special teams.

BP16-BK HK carbines, rifles and SMGS $30.00





Bruger & Tomet Ultra-Low Picatinny Rail for H&K MP5

For H&K MP-5. MP-5K, MP-5SD, MP-94

Pictured in white so it can be seen. Comes anodized in Black from the factory.

This mount is 1/8" high, enabling uniqie use of the factory iron sights with most red dot sights.

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Vertical Forend Grip $45.00






SureFire MP5 Forend and Light

These forends come with a pressure sensitive activation pad for momentary light use, or they are available with an optional constant On/Off switch ("F" models only). A P60 lamp assembly is standard, providing 65 lumens of light for one hour. The P61 ultra high output lamp assembly can also be installed in the shock isolated system. This boosts the power to 120 lumens for 20 munites of run time.

Available for Remington 870, Remington 1100, Remington 11-87, Benelli Super 90 (S/N above M104800), Mossberg 590/500, Mossberg 590/500 (w/14 inch barrel), Winchester Defender (w/long fore-end).

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