CamelBak Accessories

Unless noted otherwise take 10% off the listed MSRP for CamelBak products.

Chemical Resistant Reservoir 2.0

Chemical Resistant Reservoir 2.0

Built with the highest grade of proprietary Butyl Polymer, the CRR is your means to 70 oz of clean water in any environment. Attach it to your protective gas mask and you're ready for virtually every situation. It integrates directly with any 70 oz or 100 oz reservoir pocket (ThermoBak 3 liter), to make transition easy and seamless.

• Includes HydroLink™ Modular Connection System with positive shut-off HydroLock™.
• Made with the highest grade of proprietary butyl polymer.
• Attaches directly to standard protective mask fittings – fits via HydroLink Protective Mask Adapters (Type-A and Type-M). Type M Adapter fits Millennium, M17, M40 Series, MCU2P, M70 Series, and C4 masks. Type A Adapter fits S10, FM12, and JSGPM (XM-50) masks.
• Integrates with any 70 oz or 100 oz reservoir pocket.
• Secure Screw Cap closure.

Capacity: 70 oz (2.0 l)
Dimensions: 17 in x 6 in x 1 in (432 mm x 152 mm x 25 mm)
Volume: Cargo Only – N/A • Including Water – 126 cu in (2.0 l)
Weight: Empty Reservoir – 0.99 lbs (0.45 kg) • Filled Reservoir – 5.37 lbs (2.43 kg)
GSA Contract Number
Cage Code: 063G3

NBC/CBR Reservoir $120.00

Gas Mask Adapter Kit


Gas Mask Adapter Kit

The Camel Bak Gas Mask Adapter Kit allows personnel to use any CamelBak Hydration

System while wearing Military Gas Masks. Our Kit comes standard with both a Big Bite Valve and a Gas Mask Connector allowing you flexibility to train with a standard CamelBak and seamlessly transition to the NBC Reservoir during operational conditions.

Gas Mask Adapter Kit $24.00


  • Includes both a Big Bite Valve and Gas Mask Connector.
  • Quick-release fittings are easy to handle.
  • Steady flow of water, when you want it. Shut off valve for when you don't.

Can be used with any CamelBak reservoir. See NBC resevoir above.

The 90-degree bend in CamelBak®'s Ergo HydroLock™ puts the Big Bite™ Valve into an ergonomic position for drinking while cycling. With a simple flip, the on/off mechanism can be activated or shut off.
MSRP (US only) - $6.00
CamelBak®'s newest innovation. The HydroLock™ controls the flow of water with just the flip of a switch. Turn on to drink. Turn off for added security during transport.
MSRP - $6.00
The patented Big Bite™ Valve mouthpiece offers Hands-Free Hydration™ and is ideal for any high-performance situation.
MSRP (US only) - $6.00
The Sternum Strap™ adds upper-torso stability. The unique slip-on, 3/4" slide loop allows easy attachment to all CamelBak® shoulder straps.
MSRP (US only) - $5.00

Thermal Control™ Kit converts any CamelBak® system for extreme winter and summer conditions. Includes Big Bite™ Valve mouthpiece, mouthpiece cover, insulated tube cover and 42" delivery tube.
MSRP (US only) - $16.00

The TubeTrap™ secures drinking tube to 3/4-inch shoulder straps to keep it within close proximity. Fits both insulated and regular delivery tubes.
MSRP (US only) - $1.95
The stainless steel CamelClip™ holds the delivery tube near your mouth by clipping onto your clothing or a strap.
MSRP (US only) - $1.80

The 90-degree bend of the Ergo Angle™ conveniently positions the Big Bite™ Valve for easy hands-free drinking.
MSRP (US only) - $4.00

The Tube Director™ positions a drinking tube exactly where it's needed. A semi-rigid design adapts to any CamelBak® hydration system to make it totally hands-free.
MSRP (US only) - $10.00
The Tube Extender™ Kit attaches to standard tubing to add another 40" of tubing. Perfect for any situation when the system may be located at a distance.
MSRP (US only) - $7.00
The CommPocket™ attaches easily to the harness of any CamelBak® system to hold a cellular phone, two-way radio or GPS.
MSRP (US only) - $8.00

Cleaning Brush Kit

Another innovative way to keep your delivery tube and reservoir clean. Includes reservoir brush and tube brush for a complete cleaning solution.
MSRP (US only) - $10.00

Reservior Dryer

With a collapsible frame and trim-to-fit design you can dry your reservoir quickly and completely.
MSRP (US only) - $9.00

Cleaning Tablets

Keep your reservoir free from taste and odor and ready for your next adventure. Fast-acting tablets are easy to use and work in just minutes. 8 tablets per box.
1. Clean reservoir and delivery tube using mild soaps and warm water. We recommend CamelBak's Field Cleaning Kit. Rinse thoroughly.
2. Fill reservoir with 1 quart/1 liter of warm water.
3. Add one tablet, close cap and shake reservoir until tablet is completely dissolved.
4. Allow reservoir to sit for 5 minutes, empty out and rinse with clean water.
MSRP (US Only)- $10.00

Omega Reservoir
The advanced design of CamelBak®'s newest innovation, the patent-pending OMEGA™ Reservoir, makes accessing and cleaning your reservoir easier than ever. Just grip the ergonomic handle and fill to the brim. Screw down the secure cap and you're ready to go. Includes Big Bite™ Valve.

MSRP OMEGA™ Reservoir 70 oz (not HydroLink) $28.00
MSRP OMEGA™ Reservoir 72 oz  $32.00
MSRP OMEGA™ Reservoir 100 oz  $32.00
MSRP OMEGA™ Reservoir 102 oz  $34.00

Standard Hydrolink Extended Fillport Screw-Cap Reservoir

Our reservoir is designed to collapse upon itself, ensuring a quiet slosh-free enviornment. They come standard with CamelBak's leak-proof Screw-Cap Closure and black Big Bite™ Valve.
Other Colorways Available

MSRP (US only) 50 oz -- $26.00
MSRP (US only) 70 oz -- $27.00
MSRP (US only) 100 oz -- $28.00


Insulated Cover
Fitting a standard or Big BiteTM Valve, this dual-purpose cover keeps your Bite Valve clean and protects if in extreme weather conditions.
Suggested Retail Price: $8.00

Military Grade Sternum Strap

Simply attach the unique slip-on, 1" slide loop of the Sternum Strap to CamelBak® shoulder straps and you'll add immediate upper torso stability. New, more secure hardware.
Suggested Retail Price: $5.20

Hydrolink Conversion Kit with Hydrolock

Retrofit any CamelBak Hydration System to fit HydroLink components. Includes both the HydroLink HydroLock and the HydroLink Bite Valve Adapter(tm) with Big Bite(tm) Valve.
NSN: 8465-01-499-9848
MSRP (US Only): $10.00

Hydrolink Protective Mask Adaptors

CamelBak has made it easy to attach a standard reservoir or Chemically Resistant Reservoir to your protective mask. For most protective masks, it only takes a second to snap the HydroLink Protective Mask Adapter into place. Type-M Adapter fits Millennium, M17, M40 Series, MCU2P, M70 Series, and C4 (Canada) protective masks.
MSRP (US Only): $8.00
Type-A Adapter fits S10, FM12, and JSGPM (XM-50) protective masks.
MSRP (US Only): $10.00

HydroLink™ Filter Adapter

HydroLink™ Filter Adapter

Our HydroLink Filter Adapter™ allows in-line attachment of all leading filtration and purification products. No need to fill a reservoir through the OMEGA™ or Screw Cap openings, just backfill the reservoir through the delivery tube assembly.

MSRP (US only) -- $5.00

Big Bite Valve with Hydrolink Adaptor

Snap in the HydroLink Bite Valve Adapter(tm) to the HydroLinkTM HydroLock and you're ready to go. Includes CamelBak's patented Big Bite(tm) Valve -- just bite and sip to drink.
MSRP (US Only) - $6.00

Unless noted otherwise take 10% off the listed MSRP for CamelBak products.