X26 Taser® Holsters

X26 Taser® Holster

Designed with the input from some of the most respected law enforcement agencies and taser instructors in the country. It's compact, lightweight and tough.  This holster is also the first to come with our newly designed, PATENT PENDING, ROK&LOK retention system (RLS). ROK&LOK is a rocking hood that actually locks to the X26 taser itself, providing that level 2 retention. The front of the holster was designed to accept Taser's Ekoskelton cartridge holders. This holster will also work without the cartridge on the X26. This holster has a "keep it in the budget" price of 39.95.
Base price with TekLok or Paddle $40.00

Base price with TekLok or Paddle and single cartridge holder $50.00
Base price with TekLok or Paddle and double cartridge holder $60.00

X26 Taser® Thigh Holster

For those with still not enough room on your duty belt or where this type of holster is needed. The tactical Thigh holster comes with an adjustable drop attachment with two Leg straps. It has an injection molded leg shroud that is flexable, yet strong and comfortable. The X26 holster comes with our new PAT-PENDING ROK&LOK RETENTION system, which "rocks and locks" on the Taser itself for that Level two retention that is required for most applications. Quick release attachment is sold seperate.

Base price $80.00