Concealment Hosters

Inside the Waistband Holster

The Inside the Waistband (IWB) is a great choice for concealed carry.  The pistol is held tight to the body with a protective panel to prevent your shirt from interfering with the presentation of the firearm.  This design also keeps perspiration off your handgun.  This IWB holster allows for a good firing grip and is easily concealed under a t-shirt, jacket or vest.  Dual tension screws provide precise retention while the superior memory properties of Kydex enable easy holstering.

Base price $60.00

Ultimate Concealment Holster

This holster has the same features as our popular IWB model shown above, but allows for the shirt to be tucked into the pants completely concealing the firearm and holster. Available for all small to medium frame autos and revolvers.

Base price $65.00

Small-of-Back Holster

An alternative method of carry. Offers great concealabilty and comfort while not hindering accessibility. Available in grip up position.

Available in Concealex™ and Kydex® plastics.

Base price $80.00

Tactical Light IWB

With most of the new Tactical lights becoming smaller, we have had more and more requests for Inside the Waist Band holsters, that will work with your favorite gun with light attached. This new holster is just like our very popular standard IWB, but with the light attached. Designed to be compact as possible, yet sturdy enough to allow for the extra weight. Right now only available for the Glock and 1911 style handguns with the SureFire X200. Base price $70.00

Universal IWB Holster
(IDPA Approved)

This concealment holster is identical in features and specifications to the IWB. The difference is we make it only one way and that saves you money - especially if you like to carry more than one size of the popular Glocks and 1911's. It is adjustable from FBI cant to Straight Drop. The belt loops can also be adjusted from 1.25" to 1.75" belts. Tactical Black and Stealth Black

Base price $35.00