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combines maximum hearing protection with minimum bulk. It has one of the highest NRR amongst all folding ear-muffs on the market. Yet it is very lightweight.

  • Colour : Black.
  • Weight : 225 g.
  • NRR : 24 dB.

Bull's-Eye 7

offers even better sound attenuation properties than the President due to its headband design. For shooters who need a high level of hearing protection for long periods of time, this is an outstanding choice.

  • Colour : White.
  • Weight : 210 g.
  • NRR : 27 dB.

Bull's-Eye 9

is most suitable for beginning shooters or youngsters starting out on a small budget because it is one of the lowest priced models offered by Peltor. Yet this model does not sacrifice quality for price. It is solidly built and provides the user with adequate protection, which are hallmarks of all Peltor products. It has a comfortable headband and foam cushions.

  • Colour : Red.
  • Weight : 150 g.
  • NRR : 22 dB.

Bull's-Eye 6

folds into a small size for storage, and the cushions on the slim cups are thus protected from dirt and damage. Due to its sound attenuation ability and the convenience offered by its compact design, this becomes one of the most popular models.

  • Colour : Red or Black.
  • Weight : 185 g.
  • NRR : 21 dB.

Bull's-Eye Ultimate 10

is the latest model within the non-electronic line-up from Peltor. Its Twin Cup construction represents the forefront of hearing protection technology. On each side there are two cups of different resonances, one nestled in the other, separated by a layer of compressed special foam material, then connected by a cylindrical part of the cup. Inside the cup there is another thick layer of foam for sound blocking. This unique design minimizes resonance and maximizes both high and low frequency attenuation.

  • Colour : Black with Red Band.
  • Weight : 265 g.
  • NRR : 29 dB.

Bull's-Eye Shotgunner

as the name implies, is designed with rifle and shotgun shooters in mind. This model has tapered cups to eliminate interference with the gun stock, but of course it can be used by all other shooters. It can also fold up like the Bull's-Eye 6 and offers the same level of noise protection.

  • Colour : Black or Red.
  • Weight : 185 g.
  • NRR : 21 dB.

Bull's-Eye H6Bv

is a neckband hearing protector. It utilizes the same cups as Bull's-Eye 6 and has a velcro strap overhead for extra support. Since the wire band is behind the back of the neck, the shooter can wear a cap without any interference of a regular headband. It is the lightest of all models.

  • Colour : Beige ( not as shown in picture ).
  • Weight : 140 g.
  • NRR : 19 dB.

Electronic Hearing Protection


Tactical 7 Stereo

is both a sound amplifier and a noise suppressor. Its electronic circuit will amplify sound up to 5 times louder than normal hearing level, yet any noise above 82dB will be suppressed within milliseconds. This includes impulse noise such as gun shots. Therefore, it is most suitable for hunters, range-officers, and coaches with their student shooters, because normal conversation is not hindered and there is sufficient protection from gun shot noises.

  • Colour : Grey.
  • Weight : 325 g.
  • NRR : 24 dB.

Tactical 6 - Sound Trap

features individual amplifiers in each cup with separate on-off /volume controls. It is very light and compact ( foldable ). It is most suitable for outdoor shooting and hunting. An audio jack allow optional connection to CD players, cassette players, or two-way radios.

  • Colour : Military Green.
  • Weight : 250 g.
  • NRR : 19 dB.



Hearing Protection with Communication Capabilities



incorporates our innovative surround technology that has made Peltor the worldwide leader in
communication headsets. Not only will the Com-Tac protect against hearing loss with a passive attenuation of 20dB, the outer cup microphones combined with the electronics inside the headset will instantaneously suppress dangerous gun shots and also amplify in stereo ambient surrounding voices. With our large selection of waterproof radio push-to-talk (PTT) adaptors, this headset can be used in a variety of missions with any
existing or new radio system.

• Camouflage OD green cups
• Fits under ballistic helmets
• Adaptable to military radio systems
• Military approved

Com-Tac II

* Electronic headset for military applications, requires 2 AA batteries
* Fits under PASGT, MICH and ACH helmets
* OD green cup color
* Easily retrofitted to a 2-way communication set-up
* NRR 21

Single Radio Com-Tac II Kit
• Carrying Bag
• Com-Tac II headset
• In-line PTT harness cable

Dual Radio/Intercom Com-Tac II Kit
• Carrying Bag
• Com-Tac II headset with dual downlead cables
• In-line PTT harness cable

Dual MBITR Radio Com-Tac II Kit
• Carrying Bag
• Com-Tac II headset with
single downlead cable
• In-line PTT harness
cable with dual
radio connectors