Phone Orders:
Order Line: 1-800-508-1040
Customer Service: 1-330-670-9009
Fax: 1-330-668-9782

Calls are toll free for troops in Iraq and Afganistan.
Call ODSPEC's 1-800-508-1040
via the ATT concentrators in Bagdad, Mosul and Kabul.

Order by mail or fax: Use our order blank for fax or mail. Type, print or write clearly your name and exact address. Give name of manufacturer, if available. Type model number and proper name of item, size, calber, color.etc.

Shipping: Use UPS charts and estimate weight. F.O.B. Akron, Ohio. Remit full amount with order. Ohio residents add 5.75% sales tax.

Prices: All prices in this web page are subject to change without notice. G.S.A. pricing where applicable. Not responsible for TYPO errors.

Back Orders: We carry a large inventory of every item found in our web page. However, at times some items are in short supply due to inablility of the manufacturer to deliver. We will back order only those items we are reasonably certain we can deliver within 30 days.

Returns: All products are 100% garenteed to be as stated. All products can be returned (less freight). Must be returned complete. Returns can be subject to a 10% restocking charge.

Items Not Cataloged: We carry a large inventory of products by the vendors listed in this web page - please call for pricing. Gift certificates are also available.

P.O.'s: All goverment, State, L.E., Corperate PO's. Terms 1%-15-Net 30

MasterCard, Visa and Military IMPACT cards accepted.